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The Realness. Dude.

As my six-year-old son would say, Dude.  

I don't really know how to express myself, so I will let the pictures do the talking.  The pictures with a real, finished, actual hardcover copy of FLUTTER.  The cover is so gorgeous, so glossy, and the book underneath is red. Red!   





 Both Spinky and Sparkle were integral in the process of writing this book.  While I wrote, they tried over and over to lay on the keyboard.  They sat on the keyboard, and then they just generally hung out on top of the keyboard.  So, of course, they fought over who got to read the hardcover first.  

Now take a look at that spine.  First off, the book underneath the jacket is red.  So very cool!  And look at the spine.  That' s my name.  And that's the Random House logo!  *jaw drops*



 Now this is the beautiful jacket.  Just in case that fabulous red hardcover gets chilly.   Thank you so much, Random House Designers.  It is so eye-catching and really relays the excitement and the science-y spookiness of the book. 

Twenty days and FLUTTER will be in the wild.  Like a child going off to college or something.  I'm getting a little teary-eyed!

Stay tuned for some AWESOME contests coming soon!  I have so many cool prizes for you, dear readers!  How about a Flutter bookbag and a chance to win a free Apple TV?  Coming soon with the FLUTTER trailer! 



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