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FLUTTER cover reveal!

It has been a truly exciting process seeing how the very talented people at Random House have put together the gorgeous cover to my baby, FLUTTER.  

I mean, you lock yourself in your room, night after night, ignoring the dishes, the laundry. Ignoring your husband.  Ignoring the call to be slovenly on your couch and watch just one more rerun of How I Met Your Mother.  You write and you write and revise and start over and write some more and you fall in love with your characters.  Their flaws, their challenges, their life that seems to come from out of nowhere, begging to be told.  *Rolls eyes at own grandiose-ness here, but can't help it!* 

And that is reward enough, isn't it?  Writing that story, seeing the characters change and evolve and triumph.  Getting it all on the page as perfectly as you can -- maybe not as perfectly as in your head -- but close!  So very close! *Swoons at process!*  It is beautiful and what I truly work toward.

And then you get an agent, such as the very talented Caryn Wiseman, who believes in your story, the universal appeal of it, and she falls in love with Emery Land too.  *Swoons at absolute good fortune*  And lo and behold, Caryn sells it to Suzy Capozzi, the editor extraordinaire at Random House.  *Swoons again*  And then you get this, this gorgeous, perfect depiction of Emery.  

I mean, this is her.  The red hair, the pale skin, the curve of frustration in her brow.  She is looping. (What does that mean anyway?  Just wait.)   Emery.  She is alive.  Not just in my head anymore.  

So enough babbling!  Here is the cover!  In all its glory!  Thank you Random House!  

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