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Librarians for the win!

I read the new review of FLUTTER in the School Library Journal this month, and it was lovely, with so many nice things to say.  And a friend alerted me to the reviews in VOYA and Booklist as well.  These are all journals for libraries and schools that review children's and young adult books.  And these journals help get books into the hands of young people.  For that, I am so grateful. 

For librarians and teachers everywhere who match books with young people, I thank you.  

And I am not saying that FLUTTER is going to change anyone's life or reach a kid in that dire moment that they need to know they aren't alone, but I know that books can do this.  Books save kids. And so do librarians and teachers.  They save kids.  By getting them reading.  It rescues their minds, shows them that they have this space between their ears that is all theirs, and they can live a thousand lives in there.  They can find strength from that, and a path away from the things that are so HARD in adolescence.  Away from hard home lives. From dwindling self-esteem.  From peer pressure.  From bullies.  And from that feeling that they are alone in the world.  

So thank you for that librarians and teachers.  

And thank you for the lovely reviews in the journals I mentioned.  It kinda makes up for when you get a snarky review -- not naming any names.  **cough** (Kirkus) **cough**  

Here are some of my most favorite quotes from the library journals:  

"A unique blend of romance and science fiction, Flutter offers readers a captivating mystery and an even more engaging heroine. ... [T]rying to determine the true nature of Emery's loops provides a fascinating journey and a distinctive look at the struggle between science and faith, as well as what it means to find hope and true independence in a complicated world."  VOYA

" ... Linko takes the reader on a reflective journey that will inspire discussion."  Booklist

"Flutter is an interesting read, and the characters are well-rounded ... the plot progresses nicely and combines suspense, family drama, science fiction and romance."  School Library Journal

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