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Tomorrow by C.K. Kelly Martin

Once in a while, you read a book within a genre, say dystopian, and this book elevates itself above that genre.  It is that genre, technically, but it is more.  It's a story that resonates and hits close to home, and you forget that you are reading words that someone wrote.  That's when you know you're reading a good book -- when you forget you're reading at all.  You're just experiencing.   

Folks, Yesterday by C.K. Kelly Martin was that kind of book for me.  Such a cool concept, with Freya and her visions, her unexplainable inkling that she had a different past than she can remember.  It's more than a cool dystopian. It's a mystery, a romance,and a sci-fi thriller.  

But now, you can read the sequel: Tomorrow by C.K. Kelly Martin.  I was lucky enough to read this before it was published, and it is just AMAZING.  If you want to find out the rest of Freya and Garren's story, you cannot miss this book.  It is a fabulous sequel, with the same action-packed pace, time-twisting storyline, and an amped up love story. 

Don't miss it! 


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