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Attention Book Bloggers!

AAAAH!  I'm having technology problems!  Several of you have let me know that the google.doc link below is behaving badly.  If that is the case, please just email me the following info:  Your name, Your website, Number of page loads in a week, Whether or not you will accept an e-galley, Your email address.  

Email me at gina (at)

And I'll make sure you get entered into that form!  Thank you!


I am told that INDIGO will soon be available on Netgalley, and if you would like to request an e-ARC, please click on the link and fill out the quick form.  You will then be able to access INDIGO as soon as it is available!  

Here is the link:  ARC request form for INDIGO


I owe so many book bloggers and reviewers so much for their time and efforts in reviewing FLUTTER!  I have found the YA book blogging community to be so supportive.  It is really overwhelming and just AWESOME what you bloggers do for spreading the word about YA books.  Anyway, I hope that this form can make it easier for you to get your hands on an early copy of INDIGO!  

Also, you can always email me at gina (at) with any questions or problems.

Thank you! 

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