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INDIGO Blurbs and A Giveaway

INDIGO is a book that is very special to me.  It is about sixth senses, about auras, about second chances, and about learning to love yourself -- just to name a few.  

It's also inspired by a very personal loss and the resilience of the human heart, which I blogged about earlier.  So, when you write something that is so very close to your heart, it is difficult at times to send it out into the world and worry about how it's going to be perceived.   

Now, I know not everyone will LOVE Indigo, but two authors -- authors I admire so much-- have read it, and not only that, they've loved it enough to blurb it!  

C.K. Kelly Martin, a fellow Random House author, of such hits as YESTERDAY and I KNOW IT'S OVER, had this to say about it:  "Gina Linko has the touch. Indigo is a compelling mixture of vulnerability and mysticism with a lush romantic core."  I mean, can you get a better blurb than that?  And I just LOVE Martin's writing, so this really means so much.

And Tamora Pierce (Yes, that Tamora Pierce!!!!) of BEKA COOPER and CIRCLE OF MAGIC fame -- as well as so many other bestsellers -- also read it.  *Commence screaming and flailing of arms around my house.*  I mean, I am still freaking out that Tamora Pierce read my words on a page.  Anyway, she described Corrine's journey as "Romantic, tense, edge-of-your-seat reading--I couldn't put it down!"

So.  I have to do something to celebrate this.  INDIGO will be out October 22, but if you would like to read it ahead of time, enter the giveaway below!  And I will also send you a signed bookmark!


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