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Preorders and Prizes for INDIGO!

INDIGO comes out in little over a month, and preorders matter to publishers and authors and people in the business of books.  These numbers can work in making or breaking a title.  So, I am asking you to pretty please with sugar on top order a copy of INDIGO in the next couple of weeks.  And hey, look here, it's only $10.79 at Walmart! (What!)   

And if you do this, because that would be so nice and it would mean so much to me, and hey, THANK YOU, then I would like to send you a token of my gratitude.  I will send you a signed bookmark, as well as enter your name in the giveaway for an iPod shuffle!  I'll even let you choose the color.  Look at them.  Aren't they cute?!  



All you have to do to enter is email me at gina (at) and tell me that you preordered INDIGO and give me your name and address.   

And thank you.  Seriously.   


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