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Seventeen Magazine Giveaway!

Have any of you ever heard of Seventeen Magazine?  Um, yeah.  That Seventeen.  Only the coolest, best teen magazine out there!  Well, the awesome people at Seventeen have a new giveaway in their December issue, which is out on stands today.  If you open to the first few pages in the issue, there is a calendar for the months of December and January, and for each day of the month, Seventeen will be giving away AWESOME-TACULAR prizes!  

Books like REACHED by Ally Condie, EVERYDAY by David Levithan, and LIES BENEATH by Anna Greenwood Brown, DVDS like Glee, and albums like Owl City. Each day, you can go online to enter to win a different item.

It reads, "These prizes will have you begging for snow so you can cozy up in your room all day!" And, "Kick off the New Year with 31 ways to beat winter boredom!"  And there are SO many prizes.

You guessed it!  FLUTTER is part of the giveaway!  The awesome, iconic magazine is giving away ten copies of FLUTTER -- "a page-turning science fiction novel" -- on January 5th.  Isn't that just so cool?

Thanks so much to the awesome people at Seventeen.  And dear readers, go grab a copy of the newest issue so you can enter to win so many cool prizes!

And because I am a geeky, debut author, who grew up reading Seventeen, I have to give you pictures. Behold the coolness:   


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