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FLUTTER's surprise twist of an ending!

Thank you, Dear Readers, for not spoiling the ending of FLUTTER.  I so appreciate it.  I worried about that a lot when the first ARCs were making the rounds, because I wanted every reader to have the same opportunity to read FLUTTER without knowing how it all worked out in the end.  

The mystery in FLUTTER is one of the things that -- I hope -- keeps readers flipping those pages, trying to figure out exactly what is going on with Emery and her loops.  And, as I've said before, the end, for me, is the best part, the most important part.   I wrote Emery's story with the end in mind, from the very beginning.  And I've been absolutely DELIGHTED to see some of the comments that readers have said about the surprise ending. 

Here are some of my favorites:

"And then the end. What an ending! Normally I'm not good in not spoiling anything but this time I'm really going to shut my mouth cause in my opinion the ending is the cherry on the cake. I think it is because of the ending the book will stick with me for even longer."  -- from Melissa on Goodreads

"Well into the book, I was patting myself on the back for having figured it out. I got this Gina Linko. I see where you're going. I think it's...I'M WRONG?!?! Yep, wrong. Totally wrongity-wrong wrong wrong. And I loved being wrong. It was great. The reveal was fantastic..."  -- from Mickey Goodreads

"There are surprises as the story goes along - ones that made me gasp - out loud! Oh, and the ending made me cheer - again, out loud." -- Maegan on Amazon

"The building tension will keep readers glued to the pages: I literally inhaled the last 100 pages!"  --from Melissa O. on Goodreads

Of course, I've seen some tweets like, "OMG.  That ending."  And I've read a few complaints about it too.  But, as another reader stated, "It's not for the faint of heart."

I'm just so glad that it is getting people talking.  And even more glad that it has stayed a secret.  Thank you, Dear Readers!


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